Monday, December 10, 2007

On forgiveness ...

"... and Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors ... But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." (Matt 6:11,15)

It's all about forgiveness. We experience God's love in experiencing His forgiveness. God forgives us and we ... well, what do we do with that? Forgiveness is divine. It is something in the character and nature of God, not found in fallen man. At best, fallen man may give others a pass on things they have done in exchange for some benefit. I'll let this slide cause the benefit outweighs the cost. Or Blackmail ... lifelong blackmail. "You owe me, you will always owe me!" The mail turned black rotting in the clenched fist.

The question persists in our minds, "why is it so hard for US to forgive?" Why do we wrestle with our humanity and the core of our being to do the that which the Father commands? We hold and harbor hurts, punishing those who we believed harmed us again and again in our minds and hearts.

Does it come more natural for some than others? Possibly. Some people seem to just let is go easier ... or at least it would appear that way. But what happens with others is just that; it's something that happened with someone else. What is the condition of your heart this day? What is the condition of my heart this day? Am I connected with the Father, with Truth? Am I walking in freedom? Why not if Christ has made it available? (Joh 8:36)

He can't set you free from jail if you refuse to walk out after he opens the door (Act 12, 16)

Our conclusion on the matter: The only true forgiveness and healing is found in Him. Just as forgiveness is only found in Christ, forgiveness is only possible through Christ. He must enable us to do that which we can not in our flesh and our natural ability. That is also why He taught us to pray to forgive others, before that teaching us "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." (Matt 6:10) What we can do is set our will every day to yield to the will of the Father.

Forgiveness is heavenly. Those who exist in that dimension have experienced it first had, simultaneously with the love of God. NOTE: Unforgiveness dwells on the past, whereas God is I AM. He is ever present; no past, no future, always in this very moment. There is no past in Him. To live in unforgiveness is to live outside of Him, bound in time and the temporal. In Christ forgiveness is ever present and eternal. Through those who live in Christ, true love and forgiveness flows into the earth in this day and age. It flows through our lives as Christ is manifest in us. What is our part? Yielding of the free will of a person to His instructions and the Word of God. The Word of God takes president over the will of flesh. In Christ the Word became flesh, now through Christ our flesh is transformed by the Word. We become like Him, but it requires that we yield ... every moment of every day.

If (and since) it is a struggle, just continue to cast everything upon the Lord. Choose to live light and free and in the higher octaves of Spirit. Leave that burden with Him. Let it die on the cross. Why carry it any longer? It just rots the soul. Once He reveals it to you, JUST CHOOSE to let it go. Choose to let the will of God to be manifest in your life. You yield to Him, His Spirit does the work in you.

Simple (but not easy). Persist "... to him who overcomes."

~ the faithmix team

P.S. Life is a journey ... travel light.