Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wisdom Of The Fathers

Perhaps one of the greatest blessings of life has been the fact that my parents are real ones. I was born to two wonderful people that were destined to be His. And as they progressed on the path; asking, seeking and knocking for truth they found Christ. Through the years they stayed true to the revelation of who Christ Jesus is, Messiah and Savior. The Lamb of God that came to take away the sins of the world and who was, is and remains the only propitation for our sins and the price that must be paid.

Because my parents stuck it out, stayed together, hung in there when the going got tough and fought to keep Christ the center of our family life, I got as good a start as a young man could ask for. I was certainly given much in the things that are truly important in this life.

I say this to point out the fact that God intended His blessing to flow through the family, through a Godly line. It's also why the devil works so relentlessly to try and break up the family unit. To make men cowards, women controllers, children selfish users, all compromised in as many ways and areas as possible so the fabric of a home tears right down the middle. Part of why i'm where i am today is because my parents didn't go for satan's lie, but they trusted God and did what He said. And they were and are blessed. Plenty of flaws, yes, but they stayed true to the call and kept going.

Just a little reminder to those of you out there to continue to fight for your families. The best thing that you can do for them is to live a consistent Godly life in front of them and be real. Don't make it more complicated than that.

Anyway, recently i was blessed to talk with my godly dad about some of our favorite subject matter: Christ, the walk, Truth, the call in this time, etc. And we got on to the fact that Christ is I AM.

How much of the world system's focus is spent on trying to get you caught up into worrying about the future, or stressed about your past. If you are thinking about the current moment, that your focus is on something external, material and temporal. Christ is I AM, right here and right now. To be ever present is key to the walk in Christ. God is in this moment right now. People (especially worlders) look for Him in the wrong place. He's not in the fire, wind, earthquake ... All of the dramatics. He's in that still small voice. Quiet yourself under His hand. Still yourself. Stop. Listen. Stay. Enjoy His presence. Don't let the world catch you up into it's scripted drama. It's a well designed trap for your mind. Christ's sheep hear His voice. Stop and listen.

As my dad would say "be here now."



Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blessed Fellowship

It's a beautiful thing when God allows us to have true fellowship with true children of God. How sweet it is, how refreshing along this often parched journey of life. In those times you recognize your brothers and sisters for who they are. There is no attempts to control, manipulate, steal, destroy or put asunder. None. What a contrast to time spent around worlders.

In blessed times spent around the true children of God you enjoy true fellowship; you enjoy the company of those who truly desire your best interest and who genuinely like you for who God made you to be. It is a restful, peaceful, joyful time. A time of laughter and refreshing.

The worlders have never known a time like that in this life. In order to even being to experience fellowship like this one has to first become a person who could be an appropriate part of that company. And that is a work of the Spirit of God. Without that transformation you'd never fit, there is a disconnect. One must be grafted into the vine and into true fellowship with the true Saints of God.

Prior to all of that you have to learn to be comfortable alone, at the feet of Jesus, in the wilderness. He is the central relationship, he is core. Intimacy begins with Him, and then overflows from that relationship into the lives of others. When you start with the central reality that Jesus is indeed enough, you are now in a position to recieve all things including true fellowship with the real ones. If He's not enough for you, you'll find your company with others who are in the same boat, all looking to find that missing piece in someone else.

A little tip: don't focus too much on yourself. Rather, look to be a help and a blessing to others as God would lead you. Self-centered thinking and selfishness is a bottomless pit. Seek first the Kingdom. Look to help and assist others. Be blessed.

In Christ,

The faithmix Team