Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Agitation

It is perhaps normal to feel like there is a burr under your saddle. You won't press in if you feel comfortable; when you feel like something is not right you will wonder what is going on and inquire of the Lord.

There is peace for the follower of Christ. There is also agitation. There is heat and pressure on your soul. All are normal. You are not losing your mind, nor have you taken a wrong turn. The call is always to overcome, to go through. A stark contrast to the worlders who are constantly seeking to get out.

Go through the situation and go through it well! In the process, if you are struggling with a situation then take it to God in prayer. The victory (i.e. overcoming) comes when you go within with Christ. When you go within a change takes place. Once you meet God on the matter at hand peace is found. The King declares a verdict on whatever it is that you are going through and all is well. Though your external situation may not have changed in the slightest, within you are different. The situation does not change, you change! The dungeon becomes a place of praise and worship, a place where the Spirit Of God flows into and through because you are completely given over to Him for His plan and purpose.

Be at peace!


The faithmix Team

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Walking Through It All

Yes, the Worlders get mad when you walk through the traps set for you. When you remain whole within and unaffected. Their goal is to affect you; is to draw your attention in to something (anything) as long as they can get it off of the real Jesus Christ. That is the assignment they have from the spirits that work through their souls. They are assigned to get you off of "within" (Luke 17:20-21) and to pull you without. Get you wrapped up in the external, in the temporal, in the carnal. Indulge. Or if you won't partake, then defend yourself for not meeting the world's expectations of you.

We often respond with "I'm sorry, i think you confused me with someone that cares." Because, when it comes to the worlders, we don't think/live/respond the way they do. We have differene priorities, a different heart, a different focus. As much as they care not for the things of the Kingdom of Light (except to perhaps the extent that they can twist them to fit their agenda), We care not for the things of the kingdom of darkness and the priorities of this world. We exist in polar opposites for a short window of time.

This is the only paradigm possible where the wheat and the tares can grow together. It is only possible in this dimension.

While the worlders believe that they will fulfill their agenda through lies, manipulation, man-made control, bribery and blackmail they will begin to realize in this next stage that the ship they have been building won't hold together in the storm God will unleash that is on the horizon. The very breath that is in their bodies is on loan from our Creator. He need only require what is His and they would all collapse where they stand. Game over. But, He will allow it to continue, for He is working out a greater plan and purpose through all that will transpire. For starters, He will begin now to shatter their illusion of security. High level champions in their system will fall suddenly and be removed. Those with eyes to see in the spirit will understand what is transpiring, but those in the natural will only be shocked and stunned. Much in the way that the Philistines were stunned when their champion Goliath was taken out by a shepherd boy. They thought they were invincible! After all, the insults on God's people had carried on for a long time. But God decided to bring some perspective. And when He did through David the shepherd boy the enemies of light were stunned and then ran like the cowards they are.

When they begin to fall, the world attempt to enshrine them. But know now that they are simply eternal garbage that was apparently swept off the stage early to make a point to all who remain. Psalms 2 & 149.

Blessings in Christ,

The faithmix Team