Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You Can't Stay There ...

When Jesus Calls you, you can't stay there. You can't stay where you are, where you were. Because now, everything is different. It all looks different, it all feels different, it all IS different. The Word has come into your situation and that Word requires that you move if you want to remain in step with your Creator. That Word requires that you would walk with life in the direction that He is calling you into. That Word is a divider of the heart and reveals the soul. The Word has come, how now do you respond. Do you rationalize it with your carnal mind ... "Surely He doesn't expect me to do THAT?" It would be irresponsible, it is irrational, it goes against the plan I have for this little life of mine that I've made.

Let it go. There is no life for you in your own way. Let it go and trust God. Follow Him. Those that followed Him and really got it understood the truth of the matter, that there was nowhere else that they could go because HE had the Words of eternal life. And if life is what you want you will go with Jesus. If Truth is what you want you will go with Jesus. If the abundance of what life was truly meant to be is what you want in the core of your being you will sure enough go with Jesus. But for the cowardly, for the doubters, for the religious, for the merchants of the gospel and the hirelings, they will not follow. They remain in proximity only as long as there is a benefit to be had from Jesus. But most of them drop off long before the cross. They drop off at the first mention of a difficult teaching that challenges their comfort zone and their pathetic little lives in this world.

JESUS, there is no other way! There is no other path to enlightenment, to Truth, to victory, to overcoming in this life. Jesus is the way, the Truth, the life. He is the light that came into this dark world and showed the way for all who are called and desire to be with Him.

When He calls, you cannot stay there. Where it was that you were before you heard the call. You are called to move, and to keep moving till the day you leave this world. We are a migrant people, a pilgrim people, a people of the wilderness on a journey to the promise land. A promise land that we have simultaneously found in Him. Eternal life is not something that we wait to start happening some place in the future. Eternal life is now! He is I AM! Walk with Him and find out truly what it is that you have been missing.

What is required from you is absolute surrender to His plan and purpose. Absolute giving over to the King of kings for His plan an purposes. No reservation, no plan of your own, no hope, no dream, nothing other than what He would have of you and what He provides for you. Those who give themselves over to Him completely and allow for Him to mold them into His image, they in truth are disciples. Disciplined under the Hand of God and meet for the Master's use.

Remember my friends, you have one life and one chance in this life to walk with Him. When you hear His voice, harken unto what He says and move with Him.

In Christ,

The faithmix team