Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choose Your Company Wisely

Not everyone that wants to join you on your journey is a friend. Not everyone that offers you a helping hand has your best interest at heart. Not everyone that says Lord Lord ... Well, you know that one (Matthew 7).

Another cliche, "you can't judge a book by its cover" is a spin on God's original: "Man looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the Heart." There are those who outwardly appear to be allies on the way, friends on the path. But within (the place where God sees even though they seek to hide it) they are ravenous wolves that at an opportune time would seek to devour a child of God if they have sufficient access.

The most twisted hypocrites don't show up on day one overtly telegraphing their devilish intent. No, they come in slowly. They seek to win your trust. They offer you help in a time of trouble. Not out of a genuine heart expecting nothing in return as God's children do. They offer you assistance, a meal, something, anything as a means to an end. An elaborate trap to unfold with time.

The ultimate goal that they are being demonicly inspired towards is the destruction of the child of God. But they need your permission to do it. They need you to allow them in, to give them access, to grant them your trust.

Much of this is avoidably if a Child of God:
1. Listens and obeys the instructions of the Holy Spirit.
2. Has nothing they desire in the world (otherwise the world has a hook in you).

Most are snared by a hidden love in their heart that is not Christ. I reserved desire, a "secret place", that which is too dear to them to let go. It will kill you. Or rather, it will be the access point for those that will take you to your death (spiritual, natural or both).

You will have no other God but Him. No other way but Him. No other desire but Him. And from that complete and total surrender at the foot of the Cross you will find that all things flow and the life that you lead in this world will come.

Seek nothing for yourself in this world. And be ready and willing to let it all go in a moment at the Word of Christ. If you do not, you are not fit to follow Him. And you will remain where you are, by your choice; Dead, alone, with a few toys and trinkets you got for selling out. And you'll occasionally gather with those who are similar to you and have made the same compromised choice to encourage each other that you are O.K. "We did the right thing ... Right? After all, a man's got to eat? How can i take care of my family? Blah, Blah, Blah ..."

You know in your heart if you are following Him. If you've surrendered all. You also know your hidden motives, secret pleasures, deepest desires ... You think God doesn't see those too? And you think He won't make those known when and where necessary? Don't fool yourself. He knows.

Be real. Be honest. Come into the Light (fully). Drop the dead weights and the parasitic people when God reveals to you who they are. It's not your problem to solve. He is the Savior, not you. If they turn they too can be healed, saved and set free. Again, it's not your problem to solve. You've said your piece. Move on.

Yours is to walk on, following and trusting Jesus. To walk on, alone when necessary (if that is what it feels like to you then call it that and embrace it, this too is the will of God).

All is a gift from Him, even the loneliness. We recieve with grateful hearts what He provides us on this journey. Don't take your eyes off Him for a moment; it's when you do that you begin to sink. If you keep your eyes on Him, trust and obey, you will walk on water all the days of your life.

In Christ,

The faithmix Team

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rope A Dope

Classic strategy. Let your enemy spend himself. Let your enemy pull out all the stops and relentlessly thrash you with everything he has, and you take it. You endure the punishment for a window of time ...

To the saints of God in America; you are in a Rope A Dope situation. And the enemy is pulling out everything he can to antagonize, discredit, harm, discourage, kill the saints of God and block the Truth from the people. Yours is a call to endure and to wait on the Spirit of God. Soon there will be a call from His Spirit, "now is the time of reversal". It will come at that moment where the enemy has spent himself to take you out and you've not gone down. You are still in the fight, still pressing on, enduring to the end. That moment draws near where God now tells you to get off the ropes and strike. His Spirit rises up inside of you, comes upon you to do His will.

Our battle is not with flesh and blood, the war is fought and won in the Spirit. There are demonic forces attempting to provoke God's hand and to push Biblical events to happen earlier than God intends. It won't work. In fact, it will backfire. God won't be provoked, rather He will embarrass those who try too manipulate His hand to act. That which the Devil intends for evil God will cause to work for Good! There will be a reversal in America, a push back from the True people of God as led by the Spirit, amidst all that transpires in the days to come. It will come on God's timing, once the enemy reaches the peak of frustration that all of his efforts to kick this into high gear are not working. No, the enemies of God will get bogged down into an unanticipated quagmire of internal contempt, external incompetence and spiritual impotence as their powers wane prior to them being completely stripped in the soon coming confrontation where Light rises up.

Fear not people of God, He has allowed all that has come to pass so that evil could be manifest and shown for what it is. They are exposed now. Prepare yourselves for the call to action. Don't go down. Don't give up. The call is coming.

In Christ,

The faithmix team

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nothing To Say

We have nothing to say unless the Spirit of God moves us to speak. There is nothing we desire to do unless God is in it. Why would we want to move, act, speak unless it was motivated by His Spirit?

When everything done apart from the Spirit of God is dry, withering up and dead, who in their right minds (i.e. the Mind of Christ) would want to be a part of dead works and that which has no true value? Not us. Not the true Children of God.

Moreover, the Children of God do not care to build up a following (that is what the worlders do for the sake of harnessing power which they lack in themselves). We have no need of man-made power, we have a greater source in connection to the Father. The source of all Power that is superior to all others rests in Him. Why would we ever desire an inferior and limited source?

We lose all, only to find that we have actually gained all in Him. Most try to get the latter and miss the former; the necessary step to discipleship and following Christ. We have no room to sugar coat the Gospel. The raw pill to be swallowed is death NOW to everything you ever desired or hoped for in yourself apart from Him. There is no other way around your own personal crucifixion (just so you know, the paradox is that it is also the path to true Life).

DON'T you ever be counted among those who repackage their worldly ambitions in a Jesus box. You think that fools the God of this Universe who sees all, knows all, and judges the motives and intentions of the Heart? How do you think He will deal with those that use His Name (misrepresenting Him) to try and advance their own worldly carnal agendas? It is purely His mercy granting them a space of time to repent rather than withdrawing their breath from them this very moment and casting their souls into a well deserved and chosen hell.

You're not fooling anyone for long. Truthfully, who you are and what you are about will be visible and tangibly known TO ALL and for ALL ETERNITY! If you are fooling anyone it is just for a short time on this side of life. Once you cross over the very same people on the otherside will say "Oh ..." when they see and understand who you really are.

To those who live in the Light they understand on this side, they understand this day. We see clearly what is what and who is who. There are no more surprises. We knew who Judas was and what he would eventually do from the first day that he joined our company. But God's will be done. We carry on fully knowing that those who betray us walk alongside us with a smile, looking for their opportunity. No matter. They cannot touch our souls, nor can they direct our eternity which rests in God's hands as we have put our trust in Him. We will run our course here. We do exercise wisdom when and where necessary, not seeking unnecessary martyrdom (another elaborate form of self-will and personal elevation).

We do what He says, when He says, how He says, with whom He says. All flows from the Head which is Christ. Beautiful fellowship and peace is available in Him, to those who are now grafted in through the work of the cross and the blood of Jesus. Alas, it is simple. It may not be easy, but it certainly is simple.

To him (or her) that has an ear, let them hear.

In Christ,

The faithmix Team