Friday, February 18, 2011

Listen And Learn

To many are tossed too and fro with every wind of doctrine. No foundation in Truth, no foundation in Christ Jesus. When you listen to His voice, when you settle yourself at His feet ... you learn and you grow. And when you learn you know what to do as you walk through this life.

When your life is filled with His Word, the living Word of God, in that place when something contrary comes your way you know it. It does not match. It is not in oneness with the voice of the Spirit of God witnessing inside your soul. God speaks, His people listen. They follow the voice of the Good shepherd.

The world bombards you and your mind to try to break that oneness you have with the Spirit of God. Love of money, love of self, pride, sex outside of God's provision in the covenant of marriage, lying, ... Sin breaks your oneness with God and His Holy Spirit.

Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus! Why? Because the mind that is in Christ Jesus is one with God. A mind that is in you that is NOT the same as Christ Jesus' is NOT one with God. That mind is not at peace. That mind does not know the way to go and does not know what to do nor how to do it.

Listen to the voice of the Spirit of God. When you hear Him, obey Him. It is simple, so simple that a child can do it (and often does). Love God, love Truth, love to give, love to be poured out according to the will of God.

Be Blessed,

The faithmix Team

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rise And Fall

It is in God's hands, the rising and the falling of individuals, families, towns, cities, states, nations. If He decrees prosperity, a land prospers. If He declares destruction a nation crumbles. All is under His power and authority.

That said, He allows for the expression of free will and decision making. He wants His creation to choose life, yet He allows them to decide the way they will go. He calls out to many, but they must make the choice to respond to the call or to reject truth and continue in their own way/the way of the World. God is not looking for robots. He wants a Bride that above all else and through every obstacle still chooses to press through to be with the one she loves. That is who Jesus wants to spend eternity with. Not with the harlet with roving eyes, but his beloved who only has eyes for the Son. Her only desire is Him and no other.

God tests that resolve when someone chooses to start down the track to be with Christ. He tests the will and the decision one makes to want to be with Him. Really? You want to walk with Him? You want to know Him? At what cost, how far are you willing to go? Will you meet Him in like fashion; laying down all to be with you (and I).

He wants us to be equally yolked with Him. It is a wedding and an eternal union. Once He knows you will follow Him, that your heart is only for Him, there is no more need for you to be on the fire of testing. You are done. You are now ready for your showing and to engage in the work He has destined for you in this life. Sure, you will go through difficulties and you will encounter challenges, but they won't be the same as before. Something within has changed so that the externals don't determine your state. Your reality is now firmly rooted in the Kingdom that is within.

Know that He is control. Make the choice to choose life. Whatever He gives you to do, seek to do it well and as unto Him. Choose to live and not just to exist. Be thankful for what you have and what you get for your labours, be it a lot or a little. Look to Him for all things.

In Christ,

The faithmix Team

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What You Can Change And What You Cannot

We've heard it expressed in numerous ways, "You can't change others, the only thing you can change is the way that you respond to them." It's true. This is part of the discipline of the disciple of Christ Jesus. To learn mastery of thyself. To possess your vessel. You present your body a living sacrifice. You are required to do that, I am required do that. (Scriptures calling it your "reasonable service" in Romans 12 essentially means that the least we can do is live holy). The will is involved, the will is engaged.

This is true of our response to others, of our response to this fallen world and all that it does. We have little to no control of all that is going on around us. In fact, there are many seasons where God allows evil to flourish (prior to it's destruction, a time of filling up the cup so to speak). Ours is not to create a utopia on earth, ours is to walk with and serve the King. It begins within. The Kingdom is within.

It is within that you have the ability to make change, it is within where you have the ability to surrender all to the will of God, to the Prince Of Peace. It is within that you can do what you long to see done in the world without. Within you can surrender to God, you can seek to follow Him, you can obey His voice, you can cast down everything that exhalts itself against the knowledge of God. That is also why they work so hard to try and keep you "with-out"; to keep you wrapped up in the external affairs of the day, or fretting about the past or worried and fearful about the future.

To focus on the externals is to get caught up in the trap set for your soul. The battle is for your mind, it is a war for the direction of your thoughts and the intentions of your heart.

You must go within. Go with Christ. Deep calls out to deep. Within is where things change; within is where your will is most powerful. Within is where your destity is shaped.

Go within. Be changed into what God made you to be.

In Christ,

The faithmix Team