Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Spin They Are In

One nice thing about Truth, it never changes. It remains constant, consistent, eternal. When you tell the Truth you never have to remember what you said last. There is a glorious freedom in being a person of Truth.

It sucks to be a liar. They create different grades too in partial hopes of easing a searing conscious: White lies, Black lies, a fib, Spin, information management, la la la la la ...

Why does it suck to be a liar? Well, first off the Devil is your father (he's known as the father of lies). We know that Christ wins in the end, so that makes the liar the son or daughter of a loser. That sucks. Talk about bad genetics.

Secondly, a liar live in a world of shifting sands. Nothing is real, nothing is consistent, reality is based on a "perception of truth" and not on actual Truth. Just wait till you have to make an important decision when you choose to live and be a participant in a world like that. You can't make a good decision because in order to make a good decision you need the right information. And if what you have are various forms of lies and spin and you can't tell the difference because your heart is not tuned to the frequency of Truth ... Well, it's best for those people to not leave the house. Never give a liar any responsibility, you're guaranteed they will screw up. What else can you expect from the son of a loser.

Third reason it sucks to be a liar; the company you have to keep. People of Truth don't mix for long with liars least they be tainted. Truth lovers move on to where there is Truth. They leave liars where they are. Consequentally, liars are left to hang out with other liars. And liars suck as friends, but if you are one that is what you'll be stuck with as your company. And when it's all based on perception in those circles you'd better not ever get old, sick, wane in worldly power or die. If you do you are screwed.

Fourth reason it sucks to be a liar; you'll never have any peace ... ever. Internal peace, external peace, forget it. Your life will just be one churning, froth filled mess. NOTE: There is a group of people who have a physiological, chemical addiction to their existence being like that. But if there is any part of you that hopes for peace in life know you'll never find it in the company of liars or if you are one yourself.

There is such a beautiful simplicity and amazing peace in being a person of Truth. Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the life (John 14:6). Remain in Him, remain in Truth. Reject the lies and have no part. Let the liars continue to suck. People of Truth, You rock!

In Christ,

The faithmix Team

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Push Pull

It's that strange unsettled feeling inside the core of a true saint of the living God. Just as we are granted Peace within when the world around us (the external world) is seemingly falling apart, there is the otherside as well. That strange unsettled feeling within, restlessness, uneasiness, when all around you is seemingly fine and under control. Bizarre. We don't function the same way as the world does. We don't move on their clock. We move as the Spirit leads. As He has us go forth into His will at His timing. While anytime is fine for them, God has His perfect timing for all things among His people.

When you feel unsettled, it is a good thing. Though it may feel like a burr under your saddle it is God's way of stirring you within. It's the same stirring that caused Abram to leave his father's house and set out into what God had called him for.

To ignore the unsettling is to ignore the Spirit stirring you. Settle yourself under His presence and seek his face for direction. You want His will. You need His will. It is your food, to do the will of the Father. To ignore His will is to starve your spirit.

Watch for the traps along the way. Those "it's o.k. to stop here" or "... God couldn't really mean that." and the like. They come from well meaning people that are often close to you. They would have you save your life; to live to fight another day. But God would have you follow Him into the Lion's den, knowing that He who took you in there can also bring you back out. And like the Hebrew boys said in Daniel chapter 3, even if He doesn't spare us we still won't bow. We will not seek to save our bodies at the cost of our souls. It is a fools trade that most make because they know not God, nor do they trust in Him.

You are made for Him. Walk in that calling and in His Passion. Blessings to you.

In Christ,

The faithmix team

Thursday, July 15, 2010

True To Form

Personal Post:

Well, last Saturday's live show with our good friend Zeph had to be cancelled last minute because the T-1 connection and the power to their studio was cut several hours before the show. And the faithmix webmaster and I have both come under uncommon physical attacks from Saturday onwards.

Not surprising :-)

Understand that we are in a spiritually hostile environment to the Light that we carry. And that darkness will work to hinder the ministry of the true Saints as we follow the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit. That is what those powers and demonic agents are there for. That is their assignment and their job and I for one am grateful for what they do (yes, grateful). It infact refines us, and makes us more able to do the work the Father has for us as we progress. It makes us rise up. We get stronger with each battle we come through in Christ Jesus. Remember that He causes everything to work together for the good and His purposes, if you have eyes to see from His perspective.

All that said, i do ask that for those of you who routinely listen in and are blessed by the broadcasts, writings, Spirit led productions, etc. of faithmix or any of these associated ministries that you make sure to do one thing above all:

Pray for us. Pray for us consistently from this day forward.

That is the best way you can say thank you to this ministry if you are indeed grateful for anything that you have received here. Spirit led prayer is what makes the space for us to do what we do. It negates the attacks of the enemy in advance of them even manifesting and provides cover for us in even the most hostile of spiritual, mental and physical conditions. Prayer works. It is a powerful weapon. Use it. And use it on behalf of your brothers and sisters that you know are out there and have given up their lives for the Kingdom and to be of service to you. Failure to do this is to only sit and be willing to just take from those who have already given up everything. Don't be a parasite. It will make you miserable. And enough of the victim mentality. You are a warrior in Christ Jesus. Would to God that just fifty of the people who listen in took on the assignment at hand. You would be amazed what happen under such circumstances.

Don't stand by and let the true ones get targeted and picked off. The difference between Peter not suffering the same fate as James in the book of Acts was the mobilized prayers of the saints. It was recorded in the scriptures for a reason. We are coming into a time where this will be increasingly necessary in order for us to function in anything external and on behalf of others. While we are now in season as far as this ministry is concerned we are also at a time of narrowing windows of opportunity for some things that need to be done ... Anyway. Pray.

Looking forward to catching up with Zeph on the rescheduled live WWCR broadcast this Saturday at 12 Noon EST. You can tune in on your radios in the States and also live stream the show online for those of you overseas.

God bless you,


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Innocence, Peace, Truth, Love

Never forget friends that the battle the world fights is for your mind, your thoughts and your volition (free will decision in your heart of hearts). Accordingly, when you know the game afoot by the system that is the sworn enemy of your soul (and of our Lord Jesus Christ) you can take deliberate steps to safeguard your soul and fight the good fight of faith.

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. And out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Basically what is in you will come out, so focus on making sure that what's in you is aligned with the Kingdom and focused on Him. Since the Kingdom is within (Luke 17:20-21) the world will do all it can to keep you "without" distracted by the cares, riches, pleasures, ... whatever your flavor may be that you are willing to buy consistently.

So, with all the bombardment surrounding you what can you do? For starters, chose this day whom you will serve (Jesus or the World/Devil). Matthew 7 is a frightful thing, so word of advice there; don't lie to yourself or allow yourself to live under a strong delusion. Ask God "... Lord, if I'm missing it would you please show me." Best to find out on this side so you can patch it up if necessary.

For those walking on the right path and following Jesus. As you let Him take you within amidst the journey of life focus on: Innocence, Peace, Truth, Love.

You can't enter the Kingdom (within) unless you accept it like a child in relationship to their Father. It is what it is, you take it as it comes, your every desire is to just be with Him and you have no agenda. A child is not thinking of career, bills, the end of the world, etc. Leave those cares without and just enter in trusting Him. Innocence is found in giving yourself over completely to the will of the Father and accepting/desiring His will above all.

A sea of glass within amidst the external storms of life is what Jesus promised those who would follow Him His way. You can have that for your entire journey in this life. But know that the world will seek to rob you of your peace and force the outside world which they can affect into the inner world of your heart which they cannot affect without your personal consent. Guard your heart and your focus for out of it comes the issues of life.

Jesus is Truth (John 14:6) and His people are people of Truth. Seek the Truth, don't eat the lies (don't allow yourself to take them in). This calls not only for a heart that desires Truth in the inner most parts of your being, but also for discernment and a spiritual filter that you run things through. God gives Truth to those who love and desire it, to the rest He gives a strong delusion.

It's a Kingdom of Love. God is Love. All the commandments are summed up in Love. Love conquerors all! Love Him with ALL your heart, soul, mind and strength. And Love your neighbor as yourself. Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you and use you. Hold no bitterness or unforgiveness in your Heart. Let it go and leave it without so that you can enter the Kingdom within and walk with Jesus. Shackles off, free and clear to be what God made you to be.

Life is a gift, it is meant to be lived to the full in Him.

Blessings in Christ,

The faithmix team

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Not The Savior

You and I are NOT the Savior! You and I are not the ones to Fix the world. We live in a time of false Saviors (false Messiahs), those who stand up and seek to draw followers after themselves in their humanity. No no NO! They have nothing if they don't have Jesus. Fluff and window dressing wrapped up in a Public Relations bow. Hollow.

We are Ambassadors! Ambassadors of the Truth, Ambassadors of the Light, Ambassadors of His Purposes in the earth at such a time as this. Though we walk and move in His power we are not the source. The only reason we have anything is because we are connected to the source through the Spirit/Cross/Blood/Name of Jesus! He is all and in all and flows through all. He works in yielded vessels. Those who have surrendered their free will to the True Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Beware of Man, those who would try to come and make you something that you are not. As you reflect His Glory they seek to lift you up. Remember your place. We are servants of the most High God. It is the folly of Lucifer to seek to ascend beyond God's role and plan for you. You're out of position. And when you are out of position with God you are no longer connected to the source. You are now among the crowd of those who seek to "fake it till they make it" ... However, they never really make it (and they know it, though they'd never tell you or you wouldn't buy their books, tapes, religious wares).

Stay in Step with Jesus. Stay in position. Let it all be what it is. Live a life of connection to the source and for those who would care and that He would draw, point them to the Source for themselves. He is a limitless source, life for all that would come to Him and drink the waters of Life. As an ambassador we have the joy of pointing the way. You are not the way. Point to the Way to Him and keep moving.

In Christ,

The faithmix team

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