Thursday, January 1, 2015

Some Thoughts For 2015

As we go into 2015, here are some thoughts that may be useful for those of you that are on the Way:

Find The Truth And Live By It
Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life. The pursuit of Truth is the pursuit of Christ. So seek out the truth, and when you found it, live by it. That also means that when you find out you have been tricked, believed in a lie, or made a decision based on the wrong information, be quick to let go of that which is false and align your life with that which is true.

Be A Force For Good
In all that you do in your time and your efforts in the earth, be a force for good. Be good because our Heavenly Father is good. No that at all you do your labors are not in vain. Know that good shines bright, even as evil reinforces the darkness. The world needs those that will commit themselves to being a force for good. The hope of humanity is found in the ambassadors of Truth, light, and those that are forces for good during an age where evil is going into overdrive as their time is coming to an end.

Practice Detachment
Practice detachment from the fruits of our actions. We've mentioned a number of times that success is in our obedience and not in the outcomes of our actions. Jesus Christ is the head, as he speaks we do and respond. The results are in his hands. If your focus is on reaping the benefit of the things you do, or dealing with the consequences of the mistakes you've made, you are still wrapped up in the affairs of this life. Yes, we are in this world. But we are not of this world. Do not get attached to the outcomes or to any identity in this life, be it good or bad. When you let go of all that this world is, and all that is in this life, then there is nothing holding you and nothing you are holding onto that keeps you here and bound into a temporal and base reality. You are then living in the freedom which God intended you to have. It is your right in Christ Jesus, live it.

To him who overcomes. That is the instruction for every follower of Christ. Be the overcomer. The way you overcome is to keep going. When things are hard or difficult it is fine to take them to the Lord in prayer, to deal with the struggles you face, to admit the pressure you feel. But persevere. Keep going. Don't lose faith, don't give up. Run your race , and continue on with God has for you.

Go With What You Know
In the times where you struggle with an assurance of what God is saying, and you struggle with doubts, just go with what you know. Continue on with the things that you are sure of, the truth that has been revealed to you, that which you are certain of. As little as it may seem to be at times, it is enough. You don't need the food for a lifetime, you just need your daily bread. You don't need to know everything, you just need to know what you need to know. Go with the truth that has been revealed to you, and what you know. God will be right there with you in your journey.

God bless you all as we go into 2015! Wishing each and everyone of you an amazing year ahead.

~ The faithmix Team