Sunday, June 27, 2010

No More Mediators

For those who know Him, you know for yourself that there is no one that stands between you and Him. You know that you have direct access to your heavenly Father through the blood of Jesus Christ.

That said, it gets very difficult for them to make a Buck/Euro/Pound/Rupee off of you if you walk in that reality. Heaven forbid that people come to the realization that they don't need most of the crap they allow themselves to be sold in general. Spirituality is no exception. People buy the line of dead religion and they accept, time and again, these self proclaimed mediators or those approved of by the systems of men. God has no mediators besides Christ Jesus. He does have ambassadors. And His ambassadors simply exist as representatives of the Kingdom of God. At God's leading they point the way to Him, but never stand in the way of Him. Their presence is a blessing and an encouragement, but the only requirement for all who would walk in freedom is Jesus.

God made you to look to Him and Him alone. If there is anyone standing between you and your relationship with Him you are missing what God has for you. It is a mark of a true minister of the Gospel that you are even LESS in need of their support today than you were yesterday. They help support you along from spiritual Childhood into spiritual maturity so that you can fulfill God's call and purpose for You (not to fulfill their agendas). True ministers of the Gospel are not looking for followers for they themselves are followers of Christ Jesus, our good shepherd. We all follow Him for ourselves, and we remain on that path no matter what.

Though they try, you know the truth. You don't need them. You have everything you need in Christ Jesus.

In Christ,

The faithmix team

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Crazy pills

Yep, that seems like what most of the world has been taking. Crazy pills :-) To the worlders White is black, dark is light, evil is called good, bondage is called freedom, fools are called intellectuals ... You get the idea.

When you flip everything to it's opposite from the garbage they try to sell you things start making sense. Reality is actually much simpler than most people allow for it to be.

There are really only two kinds of people in this world. Those who Know Him (Father, Yahweh, Jesus the Christ), and those who do not. The manifestations of those two groups of people takes on many different shapes and forms across nations and people groups around the world, but they ultimately have one of two bases from which all lives are built. Houses built on the Rock which is Christ Jesus, or houses built on the sands of this world and it's pathetic system.

Alas, be grateful my dear brothers and sisters that Christ Jesus saved you! That He brought out of a meaningless life and give you real reason for existing. You have Life in Him! You have purpose and reason for being in Him. Life beyond the perpetuation of the same old tired dead world system, a house of cards at best soon to be blown down with a simple breath of God. Their system folds, and when it goes down it goes down ugly. Meanwhile, God's kingdom continues to grow and fill the whole earth unto a glorious beautiful eternal creation that starts from within. You are part of His Kingdom, allow Him to manifest Himself fully through you by your free will. Turn your life over to Him completely and ask Him to have His way.

"Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done ..."

Come Lord Jesus,

The faithmix team

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Time

Irony. We get caught up in it again and again, this temporal life and all its trappings and drama. It's easy to do, for it surrounds you when you open your eyes in a physical world. However, this world remains the dream, the illusion. All that is here is but for a moment, a flash, and then it is gone. Then you are gone, on to the next dimension. The new paradigm. To some it will be eternal joy and bliss in Christ Jesus as they shed this mortal body and put on immortality. To others it will be terror and dread as they realize the gravity of their decision to choose death instead of life in Him.

Alas, we exist in time. Like Jesus, for a "Bitty Time", we come into this world. This is not our home, we are visitors and pilgrims here. We are just passing through. And yet, we pass through as lights passing through the darkness. We pass through as roaring fires amidst fields of chaff when we walk with God and anointed with the fire of His Holy Spirit. We change the game. We destroy the game. Just by being who we were meant to be in Him.

Don't worry that they hate you. That they conspire against you. That they spend long hours trying to figure out how to snare you, to bleed you dry, to kill you if were possible. It's par for the course. And God's people continue to walk through on the heads of serpents and the backs of scorpions. It infuriates them that you go through praising Jesus. Especially when you go through unawares of their venom and malice. When their best shot to you is just brushed off and you keep moving, enraptured in the love of God.

Oh, it's a beautiful thing. To be His and to exist in time; in this dimension. To be a part of the grand adventure that is unfolding for His people. Amazing things are just around the corner for those who walk with Him.

Keep up :-)

~ The faithmix team

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thoughts of a freed man ...

Yes, yes. I am a freed man. Well, in process but at least on the path that is freedom and leads to increased liberation day after day in Christ Jesus. Unlike the world, that moves towards increased bondage with every step. Our path is free, our step are light as we've dropped the weights that hold down the soul so we can run our race with Joy.

Don't worry about the worlders. Don't worry about the sell outs to the world system. They are getting their run around the track right now and even that one they will finish out of breath and in complete misery. They are nothing in the grand scheme of things, soon to be forgotten and disguarded in the pages of eternity. In the not too distant future those who seem important in the eyes of the world will fail to even warrant a mention when their lives fail to pass the litmus test for eternal passage. ONLY that which has been done in Christ will last.

Run your race, enjoy the ride. Be all you can be in the Army of the Lord. And don't be distracted by the meaningless dribble oozing out of the sinking ship of this world system. The drowning man panicks more and more until his ultimate demise, unless he is saved before the inevitable. We offer that hope to those who would recieve it. A way off of the Titanic, if they will just recieve the gift of God; eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

It is a Good time for God's people. Now is the time that we move into our role in a much stronger way. Our season and our hour is upon us for this round of the Lord's Saints. Those Holy Warriors who know the voice of their Savior and will not follow another. Those who have walked with Him through Hell and high water and remain pursuaded that He is able to do abundaltly above and beyond anything we could ask or think. Truly God is in control. Never forget that amidst the voices of doubters, the fearful and the mockers of this world. Let the dead bury the dead. You just keep following Jesus, day by day, no matter what.

He's got you in the palm of His hand and He will surely see you through everything. Nothing can seperate us from His love. You can walk away of your free will, but if you choose to stay with Him the hordes of Hell cannot move you even an inch away from His love. Nothing is stronger in this universe than the Love of God for you.

Remain in His peace. Don't worry. Get on with it.

In Christ,

The faithmix team