Monday, January 14, 2008

2008 projections

Going into this year I reflect on a vision God showed me towards the latter part of 2007 ...

I was soring as an eagle above the earth. I was in the dimension of the 3rd heavens, beyond both the 1st and 2nd heavens. Underneath me was a cloud and the barrier of the second heavens (the point of limitation for all demonic forces and those tied to the earth, they cannot progress past that point). I was not alone as I soared in this dimension, there were others. Not many, but there were others.

Then the cloud pulled back and I saw the earth and all that was happening on it. The earth was in turmoil; Violence, war, women were being raped, disasters everywhere ... all this was taking place on the face of the earth. From the place of the 3rd heavens and this dimension of Spirit God instructed those who soared in this dimension to launch targeted attacks as instructed by God against specific works of the Devil. And like lasers they incinerated every target God had designated.

The laser guided prayers decimated specific works of the devil, this put the demons below into a frenzy. They were very much like angry bees locked inside a glass jar, smacking up against the barrier between them and the 3rd Heaven. Those who soared were beyond the reach of the satanic hordes. These are those who have connected up with their true selves in eternity and continue to operate in the current dimension you experience now.

That time is now upon us. For those who have allowed the Spirit of God to prepare them, it is a glorious time of purpose, conquest upon the works of the devil, a season of the miraculous. For those still existing within the world in the 1st heaven they will only suffer loss. For those who are deluded to the state of their spiritual progress who have only crossed into the 2nd heavens, they will find that they are locked in with a bunch of angry bees.

The lines have been drawn, the dye is cast. The true sons of God arise at this time and soar in the midst of calamity above it all, carried with the wind of the Spirit beyond the reach of any and every bondage. And from the dimension of Spirit, they in turn destroy the works of the devil as God sees fit at this time. 2008 is a wonderful year for the Saints, and a terrible year for the worlders.

If your on the side of the world ... well, sucks to be you.

~ the faithmix team