Monday, June 6, 2011

Spending Till You Are Spent

Brace yourself for the task at hand. We are moving into a busy season for the children of God. For those of you that have complained about life passing you by, look up! Your wave is here, catch it. You are now in motion, get on with it.

It is a glorious ride ahead. God wants to prove a point through His people. We are not destined for anything in this temporal world; consequentally neither poverty nor riches and success matter to us. What is important is knowing and following Christ. To often the thought has been that God's people must ONLY be the broken, the shattered, the marginalized, the outcast. But the reality is that the outer state matters little to the true follower of Christ. While we go through His ordained seasons for our lives and His desired preparation of our beings; we will be fashioned into what He desires. To be a prince or a king is not excluded from His people (though rare in the modern era). You will be what God intended you to be! Shalom.

Brace yourselves ... And enjoy!

In Christ,

The faithmix Team